Sunday, May 9, 2010

Alvero Miranda

Diurnal night of spiritual bathing
and Andean calabash where silence does not fit
night of paralytic rain in the middle of space
foreign night of cancerous light
of tamale crumbs between nests of vultures
tulle night on a paper vessel's course

Night of air's husk
of nap of stars under the weeping of willows
night shrouded by clouds
in a rosary of bright rebel stars
timid night of rosy dawn cheeks
and of a doll broken by a mammoth’s blow

Night of jelly on a pewter plate
cardboard night between rats’ teeth
and of drowned men in the axis of the sea
pointless Christmas night among the fumes
of epileptic party-goers

Crucified night between a thief of dreams
of foam and of truths

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