Saturday, March 30, 2013

D.A. Levy (1942-1968)

dedicated towards an expanding city

this book is for richard krech
who is one of my brothers on
the transparent sun-boat

for drwagner who is one of my
brothers who rode the airplane
spoon & ate peanut-butter sand-
wiches with e.r. baxter for

for rjs & tlk who helped build
the first road thru swamp erie
& jrs who could never get enuf

for roger sauls who sat in a
red room – for ed sanders whose
mouth spurts flowers from the
amer-egyptian underground & for
tuli kupferberg who ate the draft

for bud who lived it before it
was hip & forgot it & for ron
who receives & transmits but
doesnt talk anymore.

for terrible tom who gave me my
winter coat with a flower & a sun
drawn on it

for don thomas of poverty press
who has survived the last few
years in the sunless suburbs

this book is for all the women
ive eaten & laid in dreams & in

the book is for cleo malone who
is stoned on god & works like a
motherball & for tony walsh who
is civilized

for mike brophy,stan heilbrun and
bill bowser who had their dreams
murdered by the local gestapo

for jesus and his impossible
bullshit dream of compassion & for
milarepa who was poisoned by an
old lady & for padma-sambhava
who did-it & got enlightened & got
stoned by the peasants for doing-it

& last, this book is for the insecure
Cleveland police dept, because they
carry guns & their dogs dont bark
at all.

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