Saturday, February 18, 2017

Ram Dass (b.1931)

A Journey

The journey is on, on and on..
The Journey is on...alone in the way,
From clowdy days to a brigher world,
From bitter reality to a dream world...

This is a journey of dreams,
Besides the frozen lake and violet fowers,
Above the blue mountains and white snow,
Which I dreamed in my childhood...

This is a journey of memories,
Those cashew nut trees and the sizzling wind..
Those violet flowers and the lonely huge rock
Where I used sit alone on my evenings...

This a journey of Struggle,
Which i have to complete  alone,
With a big hope, 
That a better day waits for me..

This is a journey of life, 
A journey of bonds and not bondages, 
Even if the bonds becomes bondages, 
The journey has to be on, on and on...its life...

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