Monday, December 14, 2009

Braulio Arenas

A clearly interior woman
I saw her in her eyes
I hugged her around herself and kissed her on her lips
As far as her feet were concerned I took off her shoes
As far as my life is concerned she answers to it
As far as rightness was concerned the two of us were right
We possessed dream
We possessed pleasure and the value of its answer
For life
I will hold your youth in my arms for life
A fisherman was mending his nets in your eyes
Such a beautiful afternoon I am tearing my forehead apart for a dream
I am shaking off all notice of slavery with the help of my hands
A notion of reality which now lays claim to dream
That afternoon
All the afternoons will be saying that afternoon
All of love's kisses will be repeated in that kiss
Latent love made manifest in life
Little hand among all hands destined to serve as light for my destiny
Little dream you go from here to there like lightening rides the eyes of a storm
Little dream you take this little hand by the hand
The entire sun was not beyond the cherry for these lips
Therefore the swordsmen forests buried their scythes
In honour of Saint Pol Roux's daughter who's name is divine
Because even though so little time has lapsed a curious legend has enriched the sea
This solid sea
Without exit

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