Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Carlos Barbarito

With a bottlewasher, 3 hooked safety pins
and a wing nut
it is possible to create a world.
And with bicycle wheels,
boxes, typewriter cases,
hall-stands, glass bubbles,
dust, bottles of perfume,
cardboard, grease, nails, iodine, golden stars.
A world no less beautiful than this one,
no less terrible

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Thank you!

Carlos Barbarito


Poems of the Argentine poet Carlos Barbarito (1955), translated into English by Brian Cole, Jonah Gabry, Stefan Beyst and Ricardo Nirenberg.

Photographs, paintings and drawings by Adriana Lestido, María de la Vega, Adolf, Gabriel Grün, Patrick Nicholas, Mónica Goldstein, Daniel Hanequand, J.Karl Bogartte, Stefan Beyst, Sergio Bonzón, Lena Szankay, Anasor Ed Searom, Norbert Guthier, Damián Luciani, Miguel Ronsino, Mirta Kupferminc, Héctor Destéfanis, Liliana Sánchez, Liliana Gelman y Eugenia Bekeris.

Carlos Barbarito is an Argentinian poet born in Pergamino, Buenos Aires, Argentina on 6 February 1955. in Spanish multilingual blog