Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jurgen Rooste

you are beautiful like billie holiday
moonlight in Vermont
I’m afraid to drone along with you
because I might spoil you

the city resonates with the presentiment of spring
where we are speeding in a taxi
with the fiery steed of our dreams
through the dark hot concrete of prejudice and anxiety

your eyes are those diligent sapphires which tomorrow
I will take with me to hell
your eyes are those real Estonian coach wheels
those fear deep witching well eyes

when I roll a rock there or reach
for food and water
your glance burns in my breast
like a hundred suns a thousand cigarette ends

but I will survive that pain
that pain is beautiful like
billie holiday’s moonlight in vermont
and I drone along

as quietly as I can
in a husky feline voice

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