Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Darren M. Grine

Circa 1900

Sioux Warrior

By Darren M. Grine

A heritage well respected
Regarded highly is my culture
Custom reigns many generations

First born into tradition am I
Walking in footsteps is expected
To shoulder burdens, sharing the joy

Tall order becomes me the chosen
Maturity comes quickly into season
Resolutions, responsibilities are mine

Life’s skills exceed my growth
Daily survival evolves necessities
Tutored is prayer, family, truth, respect

Sacred thanks to Grandfather
Our symbol of life is the buffalo
Mother earth shares her abundance

Elders mentor the timid
Fighting skills are taught to all
The proven unfold me as a leader

Comes forth a day of uncertainty
Intruders threaten our harmonic means
Defeated is the enemy, truly am I a Sioux Warrior

Copyright © 2006 Darren M. Grine

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