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Dora de Boneo (1918-2001)

Dora de Boneo (1918 - 2001 ) Argentina
I Will Tell You Later
To my husband Martín Alberto Boneo 1975

I will tell you later
why the time hurts me so much
and why there is no turning back
to pay for my life.

And I do not know
Why the days pile up
And wait in a row.

Why do I want
To get out of me?
Tell me, my compañero

I call you
And I call you!
Without any response.
And everyone wants to convince me
that I have gone crazy.
As you are dead
and your name remains
for everyone in memory.
Yes, only in memory.

But I have memory.
I am not crazy.
And I know what I have
And what have I lost.
Yes, I meet you in my loneliness.
But you do not understand
That I know it so well,
You are not with meand are always with me.

Because when we lived
It was like living
Carrying our love
To the pain of burning fires!

That happened to blend our blood
when suddenly it was cold
and hardened in order
to set the bones in sites.
And to forget that I cried
even though you did not know it.

Later I will tell you
how are our children
and why I grumble all day long,
serving you a cup of coffee
reaching to your chair
and not understanding
why it is empty.

One morning I was sad
and I did not know why.

And I was happy
to the point of being pretty.
And up to my waist exceeded
the hands, the flowers
the perfume, the warmth
the agility and the engagements…

Still the darkness lasted
longer than the laughter,
and it cost me fulfilling my hopes….

Yes, I can still contemplate the sun
through your tears to mine.
You see, we shared the pain.

I urge you to listen to me,
though at a distant,
I wish you to know
who I am.

I do not regret that God suspects
I stole the key to what I have lost.

That I guarded this love!

And that a distracted angel,
By your death,
Unaccountably gave it to me.

The key to your alive image.
As he knew
The time was deceived.

And I dream like yesterday
What I am today.
That’s why it’s hard
For you to respond to me.
Of that I myself am not sure.

My voice will reach you, my friend.
You will listen me very closely.
I am going towards…
You and I will be together.

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