Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931)

Song Of The Wave
I and the shore are lovers :
The wind unites us and separates us.
I come from beyond the twilight
to merge the silver of my foam with the gold of its sand;
And I cool its burning heart with my moisture.
At dawn's coming I read passion's law to my beloved,
And he draws me to his breast.
At even I chant the prayer of longing,
And he embraces me.
I am fretful and without rest,
But my loved one is the friend of patience.
Comes the ebb and I embrace my love;
It flows, and I am fallen at his feet.

How I danced around the daughters of the sea
When they rose up from the depths
To sit upon the rocks
And behold the stars !
How I hearkened to the lover
Protesting his passion to a comely maid :
I did help him with sighing and moaning.
How I consorted with the rocks when they were
cold and still,
And caressed them, laughing, when they smiled not !

How I delivered bodies from the deep
And brought them to the living !
In what measure did I steal from the depths
Pearls, and gave to the daughters of beauty!

In the still night when all created things embrace
the phantom of sleep, I alone am awake, now
singing, now sighing.
Alas, wakefulness has destroyed me, but I am a
lover and the truth of Love is awakening.
Behold my life;
As I have lived, so shall I die.

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