Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ed Sanders

Mary Ellen tapes,
While Ed Sanders recites.
Poems about common sense,
and everyone's rights.

The right to recite
whatever we please,
That was bought by heroes,
blood sweat and tears.

That is protected
for all and one,
by the freedom to own
and cherish our guns.

Mary Ellen records
for posterity to hear,
a poem about the rights,
we Americans hold so dear.

The right to a press
that is free,
to report all the news
to you and me.

That these days tells
only half of the story,
and sensationalizes
with whatever is gory.

Mary Ellen is shocked
and surprised to learn,
that where criminals
are concerned...

Rapes, robberies, murder
and all manner of harm,
increase when only
criminals are armed.

The people of Cambodia, Russia,
and Germany believed they'd be safe,
when their leaders said, guns are bad,
give yours to the state.

The second amendment
for Americans ensures
that all of the others
for all time shall endure.

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