Wednesday, November 9, 2016

An Qi

Selected Poems

Parting Before Daybreak

  • by An Qi

  • First the day,
  • then daybreak,
  • and finally the time for parting.
  • Local time in Beijing is 7 o’clock according to the TV.

  • As a child, I liked to lie in bed
  • and wait for daybreak,
  • my silver broach stayed in its soft dormant curve.
  • I counted my fingers,
  • exactly ten.

  • Almost daybreak,
  • but no light in the sky.
  • At daybreak you come. Daylight is gone when you go.
  • Days with light, days without light, days come, days go.
  • You come, you go, coming and going, walking to me, and away from me.

  • Now a grown-up, I still daydream,
  • waiting for daybreak like waiting for an archaeologist
  • to excavate, patting me with a spade
  • and expose me to daylight.
  • Oh, oh, just as I feel the thrill, I see your hand leaving.

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