Thursday, February 14, 2013

Allen Linam

Eclipse o'96

the day fell as the clouds moved in

a fear and tension came to a halt

the moon spoke in it's calm way

a night to remember had entered

stars seemed to spark and glow

an event that many eyes never saw

soon the magic came upon us all

such grace in the heavens above

slowly gently moving, the moon

the sun and earth danced above

a unison before millions of eyes

so gentle but so tremendous

soon it was the beginning

a crisp view before so many

sparks seemed to fly and dance

a beautiful red glow was growing

slowly and gently such sweet unison

my weary eyes has never seen

soft sweet moon before me

saturn singing her songs they danced

the three slowly sang a chorus

a celestial song of unison,of one

thoughts of awe passed within me

nothing came from my lips

though i write the glory of

the eclipse o' 96.........

Allen Linam

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