Friday, February 15, 2013

Shin Byong-eun

The Road to Yeosu by Shin Byong-eun

suddenly you may feel the world is too much;
you may feel you are the only one in the world.
When you shake your head in the dead-end alley,
and say, “No, this is not it. This is not it,”
come to Yeosu at once, lightly,
throwing away all the burdens in your heart.
To you who have run a long way,
the generous rolling sea
and the islands that resemble wind
will softly whisper–
what shakes is not the core;
what shakes lasts only for a moment.
Showing you that living can be so light at times,
she will make a seaweed soup
and relieve you of your tangled and knotted life.
knowing how lonely you were,
the smiling camellia, returning after the biting winter,
will untie her dress and rush to hold you.

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