Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dawn Huffaker


(4th of July)

The sun has walked below the horizon,
And the plants sigh, as the ground cools
From the heat of the day.

Car doors slam,
And motors rev -
Eager to be off.

Tires touch pavement,
And wander down the road
To find the perfect viewing location.

The sky slowly fades from blue to black,
As inky silhouettes stretch and chatter
About the fun they have had during the day.

At the appointed proper darkness,
Sparkles of light appear
Over the town.

Each flower of breathtaking light
Chases the other,
As they go higher and higher.

Freedom tickles their heels,
As they race across the sky,
Glowing with delight.

The sky soon fills with fireworks,
And the oohs and ahs from the crowd
Applaud their performance.

When the curtain of darkness at last returns,
The silhouettes sigh and smile.
Then, they load up and head back home to bed.

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