Friday, October 26, 2012

Kees Ouwens


I went to see the sea unburdened
I wanted my hands to be free
only my body could come with me

And for the mists to go ashore
with the wind that was turning, for
this to set a shadow over my eyes

When the dune lost glow at my
approach since blond had shown
itself but turned wan

On climbing over the last row
I familiarised myself after hesitation
whether the journey home could be chosen

Above the going along the beach
lay in vapour, and where in my head
was deliberation between onward motion

And retreat, the unknown that was my fear
and the emptiness my dread, my feet led me
through plea and counter-plea

Of their own accord, bearing me on,
away from home, falling the last downward steep
of the sea-strip’s flank, by leaps and bounds

Too quick for the sand where the grains
sped by, and my body at full tilt
could run out till the water turned me

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