Monday, October 1, 2012

R.M. Engelhardt


For Kali

She says
That the world
Is changing.

Everything changes,
I say.

But we never
Expected love
Or old age or
All the flowers
Blooming so late.

That happiness
That came later
And not sooner
Or in our younger days
Of punk & whiskey,
Slam dancing & black.

Oh wild nights, wild nights
No longer so wild but
Full of reflection, calm
And quiet reading

And the old memories
Of these defining things

Joy now being
A cup of coffee
And the days
Last cigarette

Old movies
And classical music
On our old radio


To some?
Yes perhaps.

But it is these things,
The truths of an
Eternal hope,
An eternal love
That guide us

So let all
The children play

Because the
Old school finally


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